Dr. Achim Hein is an expert in the digitization of treatment services. He is the inventor of the first TeleTherapy approved in the standard care, a curative treatment procedure as well as a therapy system, which is prescribed like a digital therapeutic and billed as a classical therapy. Social insurance funds are actively supported in the policy development and quality assurance of e-health services, service providers in medical, technical and economic implementation and qualification. Telemedicine has the potential to bring benefits to all those involved in the health care system, for an improvement in the care of patients and the elderly.

International Experience

Over the past 20 years, he has been involved in more than 45 eHealth projects, commissioned to build a rehabilitation clinic in Kazakhstan and supported health insurances in maintaining the health of their insured at home.

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He is a Doctor of Electrical Engineering. In 1997, he received a promotion in the category of model-based systems theory. After lecturing at the University of Siegen, he switched to the industry. He is a writer/ an author and his book called ‘Processing of SAR Data’ was published by ‘Springer Verlag’. Author Guidelines for TeleTherapy: Curative (necessary and sufficient) supervision is the core element of service provision.

Complete Vita

Participation in the panel discussion Digitalization of the Association of South German Orthopedic Surgeons and Trauma Surgeons e.V. Linkedin Post

Treatment from the chatbot. Digital health apps are no substitute for real therapy. A comment by Dr. Achim Hein. Issue 01/2021, title Treat head things right. Article pt

Apps are no substitute for a doctor or therapist. New media must not be an instrument to undermine therapeutic treatments. A comment by Dr. Achim Hein. Issue 07/2020, title EQ & KI IN HARMONIE. Article pt

Dr. Achim Hein: Link (Youtube). Best Practice: From project to regular care with remuneration for clinics, doctors, therapists – the #EvoCare method.

EvoCare brings health home – crisis-proof in times of corona. APA-OTS Vienna

FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Health Studies. Lecture Digitalization Healthcare, expert Dr. Hein. Details Linkedin

Press report in the Wiener Zeitung GmbH – Telemedicine: The third pillar of the healthcare system. (Interview with Dr. Achim Hein, inventor of monitored teletherapy and the EvoCare treatment method). Wiener Zeitung

Participation of Dr. Achim Hein* at the meeting of the working group Digitalization of the DGOU (German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery) in Berlin. White Paper Digitalization and mHealth / Apps. *Inventor of the first approved procedure for digitized treatment. Details Linkedin

Thieme: Magazine Schlaf, issue 4. An established project for the digitized continuation of the treatment. Author: Dr. Achim Hein. (Reports on request)

Telerehabilitation anchored in Austrian law! The EvoCare teletherapy was one of the pioneering pilot projects of the VAEB and the PVA. Press report APA 07.11.2018.

Talks about the use of teletherapy in geriatric rehabilitation at home.

Dr. Achim Hein is a member of the Digitalization Working Group of the German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU). Details Linkedin

Following successful recognition, the EvoCare procedure was recognized nationwide as an aftercare offer by ‚Deutsche Rentenversicherungen‘. Bundesweite Anerkennung

Export EvoCare TeleReha to China – clinics visited in Bavaria and Austria. (Contacts to China available, cooperation requests welcome). Details Linkedin

Invitation and visit to the German Bundestag: Dr. Hein was invited to talks about the approved telemedical EvoCare treatment in the Bundestag.

Expert Workshop „Digital Health Management“ at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy – Dr. Hein is representative of EvoCare Telemedicine.

Dr. Hein is a member of the newly founded Federal Commission for Digital Health of the German Economic Council. Wirtschaftsrat

Dr. Hein presents the EvoCare-TeleTherapie in the care of heart patients in the heart park Hardterwald Federal Health Minister Gröhe.

First approval for teletherapy from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung – initially limited regionally to Bavaria South. This approval opened up the possibility for other DRV, PKV, GKV and substitute insurers to expand their existing range of services. First approval for telemedicine


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